Ankle Surgery


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Surgery may not be necessary for many ankle problems therapy and medications may be enough to resolve the issue. But when ankles are badly broken, deformed, unstable or cause constant pain, surgery may be the only answer.

Ankle problems that may need surgery include:
  • Fractured ankle.
  • Arthritis that causes pain and immobility.
  • Chronic ankle instability from multiple sprains or other causes.
  • Deformity of the ankle.
  • Chronic tendonitis/synovitis of the ankle.
Ankle Instability ? Causes Symptoms & Treatment

Surgical procedure

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During a robotic knee replacement procedure, the surgeon uses a robotic arm system in conjunction with preoperative imaging and specialized software. Here's an overview of how the procedure typically works:

Some common types of ankle surgeries:

  • Ankle Arthroscopy: Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique that uses a small camera called an arthroscope to visualize and treat problems within the ankle joint. It is commonly used for diagnosing and treating conditions such as ankle impingement, loose bodies, synovitis, and cartilage damage.
  • Ankle Ligament Reconstruction: This surgery is performed to repair or reconstruct damaged ligaments in the ankle, commonly due to severe ankle sprains or chronic ankle instability.
  • Ankle Fracture Repair: Ankle fractures can occur due to traumatic injuries such as falls, accidents, or sports-related incidents. Surgery is often required to realign the broken bones and stabilize the ankle.
  • Achilles Tendon Repair: The Achilles tendon, located at the back of the ankle, can tear or rupture, often during activities involving sudden bursts of acceleration or excessive force. Surgical repair may be necessary to reattach the torn tendon and restore its function. The procedure can be performed using open surgery or minimally invasive techniques.
  • Ankle Fusion (Arthrodesis): Ankle fusion is a procedure that aims to relieve severe pain and correct joint deformities caused by conditions like advanced arthritis or severe ankle fractures. During the surgery, the ankle joint surfaces are fused together, eliminating the movement in the joint.
  • Ankle Joint Replacement (Total Ankle Replacement): Total ankle replacement is a procedure performed to replace a damaged or arthritic ankle joint with an artificial joint.

Post operative care

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Immediately after your procedure, your ankle is immobilized (kept from moving) for several weeks. A cast or medical boot can allow your ankle to begin healing. It also helps protect it from further damage or injury.

After surgery, most people return to their normal activities within six to eight weeks. Adherence to post-operative rehabilitation exercises and follow-up appointments is crucial to achieve the best possible outcome.